Almond extract is always an indispensable ingredient for cakes to achieve the perfect taste. Not only that, some stews or curries will also be stronger when we add a few drops of extract. Because of these impressive uses, almost every kitchen has a few jars of almond extract available.

What if you use up all the almond extract but can’t buy more right away? In this case, using alternative products will be the best solution.

The following article will show you the best Almond extract substitute. You can freely use these substances in various recipes to get the same delicious taste as the original extract.

8 Best Almond Extract Substitutes For Cooking

1. Vanilla Extract

Although they have different origins, vanilla and almond extract share many similarities. So it’s not surprising that vanilla extract is the first choice to replace almonds, especially when making cakes or brownies.

Besides, popularity is also an essential factor that makes many people use vanilla extract. We will easily buy this extract in many places with many different sizes and prices. From supermarkets to spice shops or even bakeries are available and waiting for you to buy.

Despite producing the same aroma as the original, vanilla bottles cannot bring the same sweetness as almond extract. Therefore, we have to use a large amount of vanilla if we want to create the ideal sweetness.

Typically, the ratio should be 1 teaspoon of vanilla to replace 3 drops of almond extract. But you can adjust it freely to suit your preferences and taste.

2. Cinnamon

It doesn’t make much sense to use cinnamon instead of almonds because they don’t have much in common. Even the flavor of cinnamon sticks is much stronger than almond extract.

However, using this herb as a seasoning should be alright. When making cinnamon as a substitute for almond extract, you only need a small amount.

With just half a teaspoon of cinnamon, you can create a sweet and mild scent like the smell of almonds. Not only that, but the inherent properties of these barks also help you to stabilize your body temperature.

There is nothing better than enjoying delicious cakes and drinks that are both delicious and cold while also bringing a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Unlike many other fragrances, cinnamon doesn’t go well with fruity dishes because the strong flavor of the product will mix or, worse, destroy the available deliciousness of the fruits.

Yet, when referring to other types of cakes or drinks, you don’t need to worry too much about this problem.

3. Orange Zest

Another alternative to almond extract that only few people think about is orange zest. Although oranges often have a sour taste, the result is an extremely sweet scent when adding the peel to the cake.

Instead of buying it at the store, we can ultimately makeorange zestat home. To get the most suitable size and smoothness, we recommend using specialized kitchen tools and equipment.

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If you don’t like debris, you can mix it with orange juice to reduce the pungent odor. With a mixing ratio of about 1-2, the scent we get will not be inferior to the original orange zest. The sweet aroma and fantastic taste of orange zest are suitable for cupcakes, muffins, or pies. If you love cakes with icing filling, don’t skip these orange crumbs in the process.

4. Almond Liqueur

In times of need, a bottle of almond liqueur is also a good substitute for almond extract. Indeed, many people are pretty surprised to know that both flavors have a lot in common. Don’t worry about the high alcohol content in the wine because it will evaporate when heated.

Despite many similarities, using almond liqueur to replace almond extract is not as straightforward as vanilla extract.

Because there are hundreds of types of wine with different ingredients, they are all called almond liqueur. There are bottles that we can use with a 1:1 ratio. Meanwhile, many products need a 4:1 or even 8:1 ratio to get things done correctly. Make sure that you research carefully before deciding to use almond wine in cooking.

If you accidentally buy the wrong type, don’t panic because liqueurs in general and almond liqueurs, in particular, are relatively easy to find. Almost every liquor store or supermarket sells these products at a reasonable price.

Although almond liqueur doesn’t exert a significant effect on fruity dishes like cinnamon, that doesn’t mean you can use too much of this fragrance. The consequences of overusing liqueur are not only a bitter taste but also an unpleasant smell.

5. Chocolate and Mint Extract

The seemingly strange combination of chocolate extract and mint extract gives us a sweet scent with a bit of bitterness. For your information, this resembles the smell of almond extract.

It is not difficult for you to find a bottle of chocolate extract because this product is quite popular in the market. Also, it is cheap due to simple materials and a straightforward production process. Specifically, manufacturers only need to soak cocoa in alcohol to get a dark brown mixture. After that, the dark-color solution becomes the chocolate extract.

Contrary to its partner, quality mint extract bottles are rarely available on the market. That means you have to spend more money and effort to find a bottle of mint essence. The main reason for its scarcity lies in the high price of the main ingredients.

The method of using chocolate/mint extract as a substitute for almond extract is uncomplicated. 2 mint extract teaspoons mixed with 2 chocolate extract teaspoons can replace 2-3 drops of almond extract, which is good enough for cakes and pastries.

6. Lemon Extract

Despite being less popular than the other alternatives, lemon extract is still the right choice regarding its benefits to replace almond extract. There is indeed a slight difference in the taste of cakes made with these two extracts. However, we believe that this small factor won’t affect the overall dish too much.

Just like orange zest, making your lemon extract at home is easy. Although it is still counted as an extract, you just need to add filtered water and lemon juice together.

The lemon extract will create a fairly similar scent to almond extract; therefore, use a 1:1 ratio for both products. Another advantage of the lemon extract is its high compatibility with many different types of food, including cakes and savory dishes like meat, fish, and seafood.

7. Other Nut Extracts

Pecan, walnut, or hazelnut extract are all excellent alternatives to almond extract. While they don’t taste like the options above, these alternatives should do a good job when acting as a substitute for almonds.

Seed extracts work to their full potential when used in a 1:1 ratio to almond extract. In some exceptional cases, you can create unique scents depending on how you utilize their flavor essence.

8. Homemade Almond Extract

Why should you spend time looking for an alternative when you can make your own jar of almond extract? This should be the most suitable option if you are tired of constantly looking for temporary solutions.

In addition to saving more time and effort, a batch of homemade almond extract will also cost less when compared to processed goods.

All we need for a batch of almond extract is an adequate amount of almonds and an extraction solution. If you want to use alcohol, Vodka is the first choice. On the contrary, certain types of food glycerin would be more suitable.

By dining this, you can manually adjust some factors such as scent strength or liquid consistency. Last but not least, it is the feeling of pleasure when accomplishing a worthwhile task that matters.

The process of turning almonds into an extract is not as complicated as you might think. However, note that it will take you at least a few months to become ready for your use.

The rest of your work is simply toasting the almonds and separating them into small pieces. Finally, put everything into a large jar, including both the raw materials and the extract solution.

Common Asked Questions

Below are some questions related to skirt steak that you might wonder when cooking it.

Are all flavors labeled almond flavor suitable to replace almond extract?

It’s entirely possible. Either an almond flavor or an almond extract has the same inherent characteristics, resulting in a sweet aroma.

Yet, in reality, the answer lies entirely in your preferences whether you accept synthetic products or not. Just so you know, the almond extract contains more natural ingredients than any almond flavor synthetic products.

Is almond extract a substitute for using almonds?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Although the scent of these two may be similar in some ways, we are sure that the taste of nutmeg and almond extract have nothing in common.

If your dish requires a natural almond flavor, then raw granules are best. Of course, industrial recipes will need more extract because of their convenience and bulk.

What kind of almond liqueur is the most popular substitute for almond extract?

Amaretto is the most widely used almond liqueur as a replacement for almonds. This Italian wine is distilled from a blend of apricot kernels, almonds, and citrus fruits. Hence, don’t be so surprised to see that each bottle of Amaretto exudes a unique almond flavor.

The distinguishing feature of this almond liqueur lies in its low alcohol content, which is less dense than the pure almond extract. With 20% alcohol compared to 40% in pure almond extract, it’s easier to tailor your desired flavor.

How long does the shelf life of replacement products usually last?

For many types of extracts, 3-4 years is a common shelf life, including almonds.

However, in some unfavorable conditions, such as high humidity, the product will spoil faster. Currently, some manufacturers have shortened the shelf life of extracts to only 6 to 1 year.

As for vanilla extract, we just need to cover and keep it in a cool place so that it can be stored for 10-20 years and even more.

Meanwhile, cinnamon has a shelf life of up to 4 years if being preserved in ideal conditions. Orange peels? you need to use them as quickly as possible.

Do multi-extract blends like chocolate and mint last longer?

Although the idea of ​​using mixed extracts for longer shelf life sounds reasonable, don’t ever think about it. This method will result in a shorter shelf life than it does when the substances are kept separately.

Take chocolate and mint as a typical example. This type of product remains its freshness and classic aroma for only 2 months. After that, the quality will decrease remarkably.


So we’ve rounded up the 8 best alternatives to almond extract. Hopefully, through this article, you can accumulate more knowledge and experience in cooking, such as using alternative flavorings.

The recommendations in this article are all excellent. However, as mentioned, there are many other options for you to refer to, depending on your personal preference and taste.

If you feel our above sharing is valuable, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

Thanks for reading!

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